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About Us

People would always ask what is the meaning of TREVALLY. It seems that most people have encountered this word just now. The name TREVALLY is the English term for a fish called BAULO OR TALAKITOK. This is since the owner of this travel agency is a scuba diving enthusiast, who loves the sun and the sea, thus the name of a fish for the travel agency.

TREVALLY TRAVEL AND TOURS is based in Albay, Bicol Region. We started our office in Tabaco City, Albay in 2012 and has opened our branch office in Albay’s capital city of Legazpi in 2015. We are a duly licensed travel agency, with DTI Certificate No. 0165476 and accredited by the Department of Tourism. We are also a member of the ACTA-Bicol (Accredited Travel Agencies of Bicol, Inc.).

Our Team consists of highly experienced people in the tourism industry dedicated to our thrust of Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction. Being travelers ourselves, our aim is to provide world-class services to every client and bring them to their destination of choice to Explore the World in Comfort and Style without compromising their budget.

To serve our clients better, we offer various customized services for everyone’s travel needs such as:

  • Domestic and International Airline Ticketing
  • Domestic and International Hotel Reservations
  • Educational Tours/ School and Company Teambuilding/Seminars
  • LGU Lakbay Aral/Benchmarking Tours
  • MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition)
  • Island Hopping Packages and City Tours within Bicol
  • Holiday Travel Packages throughout the Philippines
  • Asian Tour Packages
  • Visa Assistance

We also offer Corporate Travel Services 24/7 to companies on the go to make their travel stress-free. It’s like having your own personal TRAVEL SERVICES DEPARTMENT 24/7, but at a LOWER COST.

Come and Explore the World in Comfort and Style with Trevally Travel and Tours!



The giant trevally, Caranx ignobilis (also known as the giant kingfish, lowly trevally, barrier trevally, ulua, or GT), is a species of large marinefish classified in the jack family, Carangidae. The giant trevally is distributed throughout the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region, with a range stretching from South Africa in the west to Hawaii in the east, including Japan in the north and Australia in the south. It is distinguished by its steep head profile, strong tail scutes, and a variety of other more detailed anatomical features. It is normally a silvery colour with occasional dark spots, but males may be black once they mature. It is the largest fish in the genus Caranx, growing to a maximum known size of 170 cm and a weight of 80 kg. The giant trevally is a powerful apex predator in most of its habitats, and is known to hunt individually and in schools. The species has some quite novel hunting strategies, including shadowing monk seals to pick off escaping prey, as well as using sharks to ambush prey The giant trevally has been used by humans since prehistoric times, with the oldest known records of the capture of this species by Hawaiians, whose culture held the fish in high regard.

TREVALLY FISH was known to the Hawaiians as ulua, and was likened to a fine man and strong warrior, which was the cause of a ban on women eating the species in antiquity. The species was often used in Hawaiian religious rites, and took place of a human sacrifice when none was available. Culturally, the fish was seen as a god, and treated as gamefish which commoners could not hunt. There are many mentions of uluain Hawaiian proverbs, all generally relating to the strength, speed and endurance and warrior-like qualities of the fish. The Hawaiians considered the fish to be of excellent quality, with white, firm flesh.